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Indigo + Memory [Magnus Route] Release

I’ve finally release “Indigo + Memory” game with Magnus route available on my Itch.io page : Download Indigo + Memory. If the game makes the money I’ve already invested back then there will be other routes and they will be released as updates, but with each major update I will increase the price of the game :) Anyway if you played it - be sure to let me know what you think about it :)

Shop is Temporary Closed

Rivars Studio Shop and my Etsy Shop page is officially closed due to upcoming Unicon 2020 and low stock. I plan to launch it again in November also by that time I plan to have PRE-ORDER for EraserMic Calendar 2021, so stay tuned for that and follow my social media : Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Shop & Website Update

Finally I’ve gathered my strength and redesigned the website with some help from little elves. As title mentions I’ve implemented my own SHOP and will be slowly moving away from Etsy. In SHOP itself I have new BNHA, MXTX and HP stuff so go check it out <3